Strategic Consulting Services

Consulting Services are eminently practical and aimed at achieving tangible results in the short term, avoiding long, costly consultancies and with dubious results.

Luis merges better and more innovative practices that allow companies to gain success in a quick and lasting manner. With an orientation to teach “learn by doing” within their working processes, the greatest success for Luis is getting professionals of mentored companies to “fly alone” as quickly as possible.

Luis Font is an experienced consultant including synergies of 12 years in management and IT consulting, more than 15 years experience as CEO for various companies, creator of masters MGTI, e-Commerce, professor of MBA programs and co-author of the only book on implementation of corporate social networks “The Zyncro Method“. Also the co-author of Agile Sales & Marketing Methodology, to accelerate sales, and recently his new book “The Revolution of Sales”.

Luis has extensive experience in finding investors and selling companies with multiple rounds of financing for various companies such as NTRGlobal, Zyncro, Captio, HEMAV, Kompyte among others; not forgetting the round for NTRGlobal in 2008 with an amount of 22M€, ranked as one of the biggest rounds of Software as a Service.


Agile Sales & Marketing

Agile Sales is a methodology designed by Luis Font to accelerate sales and marketing processes quickly and effectively.

  • It’s aimed at obtaining results and combines different methods such as Agile, Design Thinking, Lean and Execution.
  • It’s based on the combination of Sales and Traditional Marketing Techniques, with Digital Marketing, Sales Hacking and Cloud Software Techniques.
  • This method includes a novel technique for managing sales teams called Sales Scrum, which combines the Scrum methodology, the use of CRM systems and the Sales Enablement method.
  • This method includes the very complete Agile Sales & Marketing Canvas which allows companies to have a global vision of the marketing and sales process without losing control of the most tactical and specific aspects. Find out more: Agile Sales & Sales Scrum.y específicos.

Digital Marketing

One of Luis’s strengths is the transforming companies from a marketing and traditional sales model into a Digital Marketing model, where you make the most out of Content Marketing, Social Networks, and a big Trend that’s coming: the use technological tools. In the coming years, the Marketing Director’s technology budget will be higher than the IT Director’s.


Seeking Capital and Sale of Companies and/or Technologies

Luis’s specialty is technology companies, at any stage in the growth cycle but especially in seed and growth (Series A).
The search for funding is never easy and is time-consuming for the entrepreneurial team, leaving it in the capable hands of someone with proven experience is always the best solution.
When what you want is to sell the company, the process can drag on, and the entrepreneurial team must be focused on providing the best results to achieve maximum value; in these cases external support is fundamental.
In many cases, it’s also possible to sell a particular technology if it has a clear component innovation.


Mentoring & Coaching

The approach of Mentoring is pragmatic and effective from the first moment, it looks for that the mentees can apply the advice from the zero moments.
Luis has extensive experience in many disciplines: management, marketing, sales, product and is H2020 Certified Coach for the European Union.
By combining experience and practical application, positive results are started immediately, the process also avoids errors that only slow down the process.


Strategy based on Lean Business Model Canvas and Design Thinking

Based on Lean Business Model Canvas (a simpler alternative and practice of Alexander Osterwalder’s original model) and the Design Thinking method of the University of Stanford, enables companies to quickly and clearly have a global view of your business model and of the critical success factors of the different business areas and processes of the company.

vender software

Scrum Management

Like all silent revolutions, SCRUM is taking a while to arrive, but is inexorably approaching. AGILE management is taking the corporate bastions and dethroning the kings of useless planning.
SCRUM, one of the greatest secrets of management (says FORBES), and a method invented 20 years ago. It’s emerging from technical departments and being applied to all areas of business management.
It is the working method of Managers of the XXI Century that allows teams from all disciplines to radically improve their performance as a team and it is more important to deliver results with quality in record times and deadlines.