Discipline: The key to success

Do you know how much you can achieve with greater self-discipline?

Discipline is a very important virtue if you want to achieve success in your life.

And yes, sometimes the discipline is very difficult to develop, I could tell you that many people tend to fail because they lack discipline, with which they achieve much or practically nothing.

But all is not lost, that being difficult at the beginning does not mean that you can not develop it, that you can not work in your discipline.

Once you have it, do not waste it. Be enchanted in her, this virtue will help you a lot to get what you want.

I will tell you 7 tips so you can work on your discipline more easily.

1. They have a passion for what they do

Doing your job with passion is essential to succeed. If you do something you love, you will not get tired and discipline will develop in a natural and less forced way.

When you love what you do, nothing is forced. Do not avoid doing hard work, or “not fun”, on the contrary, as you have passion, you are happy with your work, therefore, everything will be much better.

2. Goodbye to distractions

Procasting is very easy when we do not do what we like. That is why the first point is of the utmost importance.

Another point is to avoid distractions, this will help you to be more disciplined. This goes hand in hand with a firm conviction to know what you have and should do.

Establishing schedules can be good help for distractions such as cell phones, social networks, television, etc. Do not affect your productivity.

What is more important? Take out your work or spend all day on Facebook. Establish priorities.

3. Reward progress

Knowing that discipline is not an easy process, I recommend that when you meet your goals for the day, schedules, etc. Give yourself a small prize, to remind yourself that you are doing things right.

This will help you as a motivating factor, you can also reward yourself with breaks, clear up a bit to return to your tasks with a clearer mind, anyway. The reward varies and everything depends on you. But remember to reward yourself for your effort and your work.

4. They do the hardest thing first

As I mentioned in the first point, when there is passion in your work, the most difficult part is not left for later. On the contrary, many people choose to start on that side. Do not put it off, work on it.

I had a coach who always told me that in order to have discipline he would embrace what he would least like to do, in this case it was running.

So I decided to go running every day, even 30 minutes, although I did not want to, I would learn to hug him and start loving him. This is how the discipline works, the hardest thing is not left for later, it is done NOW.

5. Make decisions

Discipline is based on elections. In fact, life is based on choices, but you must remember that there is a reaction to each action or its consequences.

At all times you are deciding what you should do, what you really need or what you want?

Analyze the panorama, and think your choices well. Always try to analyze all the possible information and then make the decision.

6. Use your schedules in your favor

Do not fight against your natural routine. If you are better in the morning, work then. If you do it better during the day, start later.

Nor am I telling you not to do anything, but we definitely have times or times where we are more creative, we work more, we are more productive. Knowing this, make the most of it.

7. Less talk and more acting

This is sometimes the only way to be self-disciplined. You just have to do it. Forget the thoughts. Ignore the feelings. Do not worry about how. Just do what you have to do. Sometimes you just have to try, fail and try again until you solve it.


As a very personal advice I will tell you, that my way of being disciplined is the following: When I am about to fail my objectives, when I feel I can not do it anymore, I use visualization power and I wonder how I want to see myself in so many years or months ?, how do I want it to be my future?

Visualizing my future, it helps me a lot more to stay motivated and not give up. Many times I know that you will want to surrender and no longer follow. But remember the reason why you started, that you do not forget that feeling or that desire. Work on it and move on, the reward is closer than you imagine.

Invest in yourself

Take the time to invest in yourself. Your future depends on that.

How many times have we not spent on things that do not make sense or do not really benefit us, I would say enough.

Many times we forget to invest our time and money in the most important … OURSELVES.

Why is it so important to invest in ourselves?

You must be clear, that if you do not work on yourself, if you do not invest in yourself to improve day by day, it will be difficult to first achieve what you set out to do, and maybe the future you have planned will be very different from what you can get.

You are the most important thing in what you can invest your time and your money

An investment in yourself is a great example of self-love, and it may be the most profitable investment you will ever make in your life.

If you want to sabotage what you have planned or your vision of your ideal future, you can start ignoring that you should invest time and money to improve.

No improvement in our lives will happen automatically without us working on them. If we want to improve, we have to work on it.

But this requires courage, the courage to take action on the matter to improve.

It requires discipline, a decision that is stable, do not change your mind from one day to the next.

Remember that:

The effort you invest in consistently investing in yourself will also play an important role in determining the quality of your life now and in the future.

Invest in areas of your life that really pay back something that is positive for you.

Some examples can be:

Invest in knowledge

If people knew the wealth that is in a book, they would have already stormed the bookstores, but it is not like that …

Knowledge is power, I have always said it, the more you learn, the more prepared you will be for different situations in your life.

Apart from this, it is something that will never end, because the more we learn, the more we realize that we have much to learn.

Educating ourselves is an actor of self-love, training us will make us improve in many aspects of our lives.

Invest in your health

We are the most important thing in our life, that is why we must be in optimal conditions to be able to perform our daily activities in a good way.

Investing in your health is really a great investment.

Eat healthy, exercise, practice sports, everything that helps us improve our quality of life, will never be a waste of time or money.

How do you pretend to achieve your dreams, if you are not healthy?

These are just some examples, but you can also invest in improving your creativity, improve your confidence, improve many things.

The point is not to stop investing in you, invest time also in things that you love to do, that you are passionate about, that distract you.

Even a good holiday, you can also invest in that, it will help you to be calmer, to relax and return with all the energy to your daily activities.

The most important thing is that you really know, that here the most important thing is you and everything you do for you, will always be an excellent decision.

Can we all be leaders?

Many times I have been asked this question, can we all be leaders?

It is a challenging question, and the answer may not like many, but I think we can all be leaders, the question is if we all want to be leaders.

What is it to be a leader?

Many ideas come to my mind when I hear the word “leader”, some relate it to a person who is worthy of admiration, some others an example to follow, others say that it has to do more with humility.

For me, being a leader is someone willing to motivate, drive and see for others. A leader is someone who has a high level of empathy, is someone who does not judge deliberately, if he is someone who is an example person.

But I think that leaders do not go with that goal for life, leaders want the common good and in addition, they become admired and followed people.

Being a leader is not having control of things, a leader is someone who does not seek to control, but to improve, to influence in a positive way.

Having said that, having already said my concept of what it means to be a true leader, I go back to the starting point.

I think that if you really want it and not because of admiration, but because you are a person concerned about the common good, you can become a great leader.

But I think that in these times we have a shortage of leaders, we have shortages of people looking for a common good. And it’s not that I want to sound pessimistic, I think I’m being extremely realistic.

A leader leaves the picture, of the established, not to do something bad, but to improve, innovate, propose and promote.

And when I say that the world has a lack of leaders, it is because I see people who follow the established and often do not even take the time to question.

Your level of empathy is minimal, your greed or hunger to excel is bigger than doing something more for people who need it.

We have become somewhat selfish, we no longer seek a common good, we seek what best suits us and it is over. And yes, the world needs more leaders and fewer sheep that just follow the established and do not dare to risk for more.

The world belongs to those who are willing to risk, fear, I believe, is also a key point for the shortage of leaders today. We are so afraid of risking that we prefer to stay in that comfort zone, where although we are not happy, we are within what is “good” and we can continue like this.

Then immediately there comes a mediocre attitude, everything opposite to a leader. Because leaders like everyone, know mediocrity, only that they do not accommodate that in their lives.

I believe that we can all be leaders, but not everyone wants to do it. Deep down they would like things to be different, but they are not doing anything to achieve that change.

Do you think you have enough to be a leader ?, and if you think so, what are you doing to become the people you would like to be?

We are full of dreams, of desires, but sometimes we are not able to move a single finger to begin the real change. It is laziness, mediocrity, fear and selfishness in many people that prevents them from being leaders.

And of course, there are people who do not feel worthy to be, this is more linked to the self-esteem of each person. Courage, perseverance, discipline, empathy and many other qualities that make a leader what he is, do not go out overnight, they work hard for them.

I have a task for you, in the morning that you look in the mirror, ask yourself if you are really becoming the person you want to be, the person you dreamed about. And if not, I recommend that you analyze your life, objectively (it can be difficult but not impossible), and ask yourself where you are, and what you are doing, to become a leader.

Opening the way in the face of adversity

“These are difficult times,” Carlos told me, a friend, a few days ago while we were having a coffee and chatting.

“Look, I tell you what I think are hard times, things are not like they used to be, before it was easier to be independent, to create your own company,” he told me and continued.

“Now, the world is in crisis, economic stability is a myth, I see crisis on all sides,” and while listening to him as he ventured with me, I asked him the following.

“Look Carlos, when were the easy times?” When I was younger, I heard the same story.

The times are difficult for the person who wants to be difficult, the entrepreneur learns to see opportunities where others only see the problems.

I went on saying that many of the obstacles we have are more mental than real. Come on, sometimes in our mind, we create catastrophic scenarios of events that have not occurred. We let ourselves be invaded by pessimism, we believe what others repeat and we do not allow ourselves to experience things on our own.

Carlos was silent, thinking, maybe he was right … “Carlos … you are still in your job” sure “, you have not taken that step of undertaking, because you keep repeating to yourself time and again that times are difficult, you yourself have programmed to not achieve what you propose, what do not you see? “, I commented.

He was silent, as if stunned, he realized at that precise moment, that what he was saying was not bullshit. It was real, never had the opportunity to undertake, for fear of an unexplained scenario.

What a dilemma! How many times have we not blocked for fear of things that DO NOT exist ?, Carlos was one of those people, that like you or me, many times we have stopped by fear.

The times are not difficult, nor easy, the times are the times and it’s over. If you, like Carlos, you are going to stop experimenting because of what others say, you are lost, you are finished, you are going, you have not even started the game and you are already lost.

Nobody, absolutely nobody deserves to be in a job that does not love, does not deserve to be in a job that does not love because it is something “safe”, because you receive a payroll. That sooner than later will end up consuming you, it will end.

One day you will wake up unhappy, dissatisfied, tired, fed up, because you are not doing what you want, what you really want to do.

Carlos, he was one of them, a man who lived for his work, not for himself. We are afraid to fail, but never give ourselves the opportunity to even try.

And it is that failure is not a bad thing, you must take away that idea from your head, failure is learning, it is part of life, we will not always succeed, it will not always come out as we wish.

But it is better to try to stay with the desire to have done it, one day you are young and the next you wake up with a couple of years on top. I do not want you to get to that moment where you wonder what you did with your life all this time.

And it is that the time we do not have it bought, today you are and tomorrow no longer. And many times we stop, we block because we think we have time, and we leave things for later, and sometimes that does not exist later, sometimes it is NOW or NEVER.

I know it may sound very trite, but it is an absolute truth. Times always change and adversity can work as a catapult for your success, to achieve what you set out to do. Everything is in your mind, are you a winner or a loser?

And as I said to Carlos that afternoon, everything is in you. I will never tire of repeating that when we change an idea, we change our destiny.

Ideas can be molded, changed, eliminated, we have that power and it is incredible that we are not taking advantage of it.

The mind is extremely powerful, we have the power to create, to shape our destiny, the decisions we make today will echo in tomorrow.

What decisions are you taking?

I invite you to like Carlos, stop repeating something that you have not lived, that you risk, that you take control of your future, your present, your life.

I invite you to do it, do not stay with the doubt. If you do what you really want, what you love, believe me that success will come, because that is how life works. We do what we love for love, the money comes in addition.

What are you doing in your life ?, Do you think you have time ?, Analyze it TODAY, not tomorrow, TODAY.

Learn to deal with daily stress

We live in times where the word stress makes us extremely familiar, it is something that we see every day and we have suffered at some time.

The world is going so fast that many people are constantly stressed.

Many times we are so focused on our work, our working life, that we forget the most important thing, we neglect ourselves.

Being a successful person and being in a process of constant improvement can be exhausting, that can cause us stress.

Believe me, I understand perfectly the stress, the pressure that many times we live for being enterprising and ambitious people.

And being in constant improvement is not a bad thing at all. The bad thing is when we allow stress to control our lives and that is when the problems come.

I want you to understand that it is totally normal to feel stress, but we must learn to control it, not that stress controls us.

That is why I have given myself the task of mentioning some extremely valuable techniques to deal with stress.

Get rid of the source of your stress

Stress always has a reason to exist, that is why you must identify the source. It can usually be your job, in many cases.

But this can only be a panorama, what I mean, is that you must identify the source of your stress and get rid of it.

It may be difficult at first, but if it brings you more bad times than good, it’s time to reconsider what direction your life is taking.


Your mind, is the source of all your thoughts, the good and the bad.

Our mind is like a machine that is working all the time, not for ever, unless we make it stop.

Meditation can help you to put your mind in white, to rest your mind, to calm the machine, to put it at rest.

It is extremely important to have a calm, relaxed mind that thinks coolly.

Stress can be noticeably reduced with meditation.

Do exercise

Another way to get rid of stress is by exercising.

Exercise is extremely important, it keeps you healthy, it is a way to get rid of stress and daily worries and it gives you a good quality of life.

You may think you do not have time, but believe me there is always time. With 40 minutes a day is more than enough to free you from the stress that torments you.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy is a fundamental part of taking care of ourselves and reducing stress.

When we go through a tense moment, we get angry, our body in general suffers, but especially our stomach.

Has not it happened to you that you are under a lot of pressure and you feel a void or some strange sensation in your stomach?

Our stomach is like our second brain, and that is why we must take great care of it.

Eating healthy is a way to pamper and take care of our stomach. Imagine that you make your stomach go through bad times due to stress and apart from junk food. It is a double problem.

You can also consume herbs and plants that have a calming and stimulating effect on our stomachs.

Rest enough

If your work or life is stressful, if you are under pressure daily, if your pace of life is extremely accelerated. It is necessary to rest well.

At the beginning of this post I commented that it is necessary to take care of ourselves, to invest time in ourselves.

Sleeping is essential to be able to perform in our day to day.

Our body needs to rest and sleep enough to be well, to be healthy and calm.

Sleep is a natural mechanism that allows our body to restore its energy reserves and is also a natural way of dealing with stress.

If you do not sleep enough, the stress will begin to accumulate and you will get worse.

But if we sleep enough each night, our tolerance to stress increases greatly and our alertness during the day remains high.

These are just some tips, however, if you have other activities in mind that will help you relax, like taking a vacation, go ahead. Remember that stress should not dominate your life, you should live peacefully, calmly. Nothing is more valuable than our tranquility, our well-being.

Eliminate the beliefs that impede your growth

We all have beliefs, these beliefs may be helpful or may be blocking your path to growth.

Let’s talk today about the beliefs that limit, those that prevent you from having a fuller life.

Some clear examples of these beliefs could be:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I do not know how to do that
  • This is out of reach
  • I will not be able to do it
  • I’m not good at doing this kind of thing

Do you identify yourself with any? Well, it is this type of beliefs that prevent you from growing up, that you overcome each day of your life.

This type of beliefs are created over time, often they are even inherited, or installed by friends, family, education, environment in which you develop.

Many times you already have these beliefs so installed and automated that you do not realize when they are emerging at certain times.

Many times we do not realize these beliefs, and often it is not your fault that these beliefs exist, but it is your responsibility to take measures to eliminate them from your life.

That is why today I will tell you how to eliminate these beliefs once and for all and take control of your life, your decisions and your path to growth.

Each time you come across a belief that is limiting you, repeat this process:

Identify the limiting belief

The moment your mind begins to boycott you, focus on the task of identifying this belief that is limiting and blocking you.

What are you afraid of? What’s stopping you? He begins to ask you these questions that will make your beliefs sprout and understand how your mind is working.

The moment you identify it you go to the second step that would be

Face the belief

Face it, now that you’ve identified it, it’s time to face it. How? Start to mention the reasons why these beliefs are present, that is, now begins to ask you why are you afraid?

This is really digging into the core of these problems and is often more surprising than the beliefs themselves.

In step number one asks us, what? Now we are wondering why? We are trying to find the true reasons why these beliefs are still alive.

Refute your limiting beliefs

Refute everything, doubt absolutely everything. You must be very clear that ideas are just that, ideas.

Ideas are not a law, ideas can be changed, molded, eliminated or maintained, that’s up to you.

Think of everything in your life (no matter how big or small they seem) that contrasts with your old limiting belief and takes note of them.

Reinvent yourself

This is the time to reinvent yourself, now that you have realized that your beliefs can be manipulated by you, it is time to reinvent yourself, to rewrite your story.

It’s time for you to redefine yourself and not allow anyone else to do it, more than you and only you.

What do you want to achieve? What people do you want to be? It’s time to be that person that you want so much, it’s time to grow up.


Some beliefs are ingrained more deeply than others. That is why your new beliefs must be there, you must repeat it constantly, before you forget it.

DO NOT ALLOW IT, do not leave those new beliefs aside, it may take a little more time, but if you are constant, you will definitely achieve it.

I can guarantee that there is nothing like eliminating an unconscious belief that has held you back for years, feeling the true freedom and ease with which a free mind allows you.

The 6 rules to be a successful entrepreneur

On the road to entrepreneurship, you must abide by 6 rules that I consider essential to be successful.

These are the rules that will make you achieve your dreams and see your projects realized.

Do not doubt your potential

I have already spoken of all this before, it is of the utmost importance not to doubt what you are capable of, of your potential.

If you believe in yourself, there will be nothing to stop you. You must stay focused and be firm in your beliefs, only then you can achieve your goals.

Do not see your world as it is, but as it can become, your ideas are the detonators of your future, that is why you have to learn to visualize, visualize your future, your success, your peace, your well-being and above all your ability to achieve what you propose.

Knowledge is POWER

The constant learning is necessary to be able to be in trend and on par with the current market.

Invest in yourself, train yourself, keep learning, the world changes constantly, learn to change with it.

By investing in yourself, you will be surpassing yourself every day, you will be renewing yourself, there is nothing more important than YOU, that is why, you should not skimp when it comes to investing in you.

You are your most powerful tool to get ahead, you need to be 1000% prepared, for everything that comes.

Do not give up

I know, sometimes you will feel that you can not, that you want to give up. I know that at this moment you may be going through difficult times, setbacks, that make you think that what you are doing is not the best idea.

But, if inside you, you feel that what you are doing is something that motivates you, that you love, you DO NOT DESIST.

Do you know how difficult it is today to find a job we love? People are used to working for money, not out of passion, not out of love for what they do.

If you, when undertaking, are doing it because it is your dream and it is what you love, do not leave it. Because difficult times there will always be, but you find your passion and work on it, that is something you do not see every day.

Tell me who you meet and I’ll tell you how you are

We are social beings, we will always be surrounded by people, the key here is, what kind of people do we have around us?

Ask yourself, if the people in your life are those who motivate you, who give you encouragement, who believe in you, even though many times you do not believe in yourself.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is very important, not only in your company, to join efforts, but in your personal life, that motivate you, that give you words of encouragement.

Remember that if you surround yourself with conformist or mediocre people, you may become one of them.

Be cautious

Entrepreneurship can be a risky path, many times we throw ourselves into the unknown and we are not prepared.

It is necessary to be prepared, you must be cautious and try to avoid risks that are unnecessary or that you could have avoided them if you had prepared.

So always have a plan B, a plan C and if all this fails, then face it, but that is not because you were not cautious.

Work hard

“In entrepreneurship there are no shortcuts or half measures.”

If it were easy, everyone would do it, it’s something that I constantly repeat myself. You must work hard, you must be committed to your goal. To become independent, carries many more responsibilities, but the pay is your freedom.

Therefore, before starting, you must be 100% committed and you must have discipline to get ahead. It’s the key.

You are not your thoughts

Successful people have control of their lives and also of their thoughts.

They have the strength of will, self-discipline and emotional intelligence to design a life they are proud of, and it is because they take the time to learn how their mind works and what is the best way to use it to their benefit.

So that you can do the same and become a successful person it is important that you learn to understand and analyze your mind. Which consists of two parts, the conscious and the subconscious.

The conscious mind

Your conscious mind is where you can get to generate thought and make plans, that’s where all the logic happens.

Your conscious mind is the one that directs everything, absolutely everything, but beyond that, one more does the important work. Your conscious mind directs and executes. But there is one more, called subconscious.

In order to control our subconscious mind you need several things, among them, willpower.

Have you ever used it? Have you done incredible things with your willpower?

This happens when we train our mind to direct our subconscious.

When we learn to drive you can get to do incredible things.

This is a great challenge, but once mastered, you can do great things with your life and you can achieve goals and dreams.

The subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind is the part of which you are not aware. It is the workhorse that performs 95 to 99 percent of everything you think, do and say. The subconscious ensures that your heart keeps beating, your lungs continue to breathe, your muscles remember how to walk.

The subconscious is like the autopilot so to speak.

Many habits, reactions, actions, occur at a subconscious level and we are not aware of this. Many people fail to understand the power of the subconscious mind, therefore, they do not know how to start working on them.

The subconscious can get to boycott several things in your life, since some negative behaviors and thoughts are generated automatically in your subconscious.

And this generates a kind of stagnation, especially when we do not analyze how our mind is working.

Remember that habits are actions that are highly repetitive and many times we do not notice that we already do it automatically.

Many actions and decisions in our lives are made automatically or because we are used to them.

An example can be going to college, buying a house, getting married. And I’m not saying it’s wrong, if it’s what you really want, what I’m saying is that many times we do not analyze how our mind is really working and the effect it is having on our lives.

There lies the problem. Most of us live our whole lives without making a clear decision about what we want to do with our life or who we want to be. We allow our subconscious to control us with the predetermined life provoked by social conditioning.

But you, you really have the power to do unimaginable things, and the only thing that stops you is your mind. The way in which your subconscious works is crucial for your present and your future.

Everything you propose, you can do it. You can change your life, if you change your ideas, if you analyze your actions. But first, you must make the decision to do it, and not just say it. And this is achieved by really struggling, taking time to analyze and put into practice different beliefs to those that limit you.

And you can start with this powerful statement

You are NOT your thoughts

Your thoughts do not define you, you must disassociate yourself completely from this idea, because it is a powerful truth.

The idea that we have of ourselves, is made by that internal dialogue that we have constantly, we repeat an idea so many times that we believe it. We believe it is a truth and it should not be like that.

The worst, we do not repeat it even for years and we take it as a truth. You have to change your thoughts to change your life and, at first, you could resist the idea of ​​losing your identity. But believe me that will not happen, because by questioning you do not get lost, you are finding yourself.

When you begin to understand that you are something much larger than your thoughts, you begin to understand that you have the power to choose what thoughts you will think and, ultimately, begin to reprogram your subconscious mind.