Business Intelligence Fast and Easy: A powerful Excel-based report generation and distribution engine

Are you going to jump in to a Business Intelligence Project? Before, you adquire any expensive tool you had better to take a look at Apesoft, based in Barcelona and Atlanta.

It saves hours of wasted effort by automating many activities associated with manual Excel reporting. Creating reports is easy with the built-in query wizard and report designer. It automatically extracts data from databases, accounting and ERP systems and then formats this information into graphically rich, pixel perfect Excel reports. The built-in work planner automates the generation and delivery of reports and alerts via email or Web.

Key features:excel

– Users love it because its 100% Excel – simple and familiar

– Unlimited user licensing. Users only need Excel – no add-ins or plug-ins required

– Scheduled daily, weekly, monthly refresh of reports – automatically

– Automatic alerting

– Native support for many common formats – Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML and Access

– Access to virtually any data source via ODBC – Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, AS400, etc.

– Easily combine data from disparate sources into a single report

– Easily reuse existing Excel reports

– Support for OLAP cubes

– And much more…

In summary, you do not need expensive Business Intelligence tools, endless projects and slow data integration tools in order to have all the critical data of your company available. With Apesoft you will be able to take strategic decisions with the right data available at the right time.

All you need is Excel!!! – A dream come true

Christophe Primault another successful serial entrepreneur based in Barcelona has just launched

For a compulsive software searcher and tester like me, this web site is a dream come true! is a new vertical search engine for business applications. It is like a business ‘app store’ for companies of all sizes. They launched as Beta in December 2009.

The site currently lists 2,270 applications across over 300 categories organized by industry and business need.

They have two main focuses:

1) Business buyers: Confronted with an overload of data available through generic search engines, such as Google, it is proven that business buyers prefer relevant, fresh and trustworthy information from a dedicated portal.

2) Application providers: The shift to SaaS and Cloud Computing is opening opportunities but it also makes it increasingly difficult to reach prospects online. helps them to be found closer to a purchase decision and to convert prospects into real leads. They want to help make their online lead generation efforts more worthwhile and reduce the customer acquisition cost.


Here comes one great feature: it sets us apart is our focus on the new delivery methods of business applications, SaaS, Virtual Appliances and Cloud Images. They also offer a cool free assessment tool to help people choose between deployments. To our knowledge it is absolutely unique. It may seem amazing as many people, including us, are confronted with this dilemma and it is not always a straight call!

Over the coming months, they’ll be introducing many new features, some of them never heard of in business software portals, including collaboration tools, social networking tools and widgets for third parties web sites to display a customized application search box only relevant to their audience.

They have also developed badges of and the Personalized Assessment tool with HTML tags to include directly into third parties blogs and websites.

In summary, it looks like we have a killer portal in front of us. Nowadays, with the information overload and the Google unfair position practices smart directories like are going to have their own space in the web.

Colony’s Governor Syndrome

Colony’s Governor Syndrome is a typical problem with young male managers, although I also observed it in some women.  When a successful young manager is promoted and suddenly becomes the boss of a team his behaviour changes.  He or She begins to behave in a bossy manner and becomes over demanding but no only that; arrogant, despotic and rude are other common adjectives.  It even happens amongst some really kind and considerate people.

In few words, we have a young highly motivated professional who becomes a monster that is able to spoil the best fitted working team.  They start to shout at people, calling them losers, threatening to lay them off and becoming irritable and intolerant.

I have seen an incredible case where people needed to ask the boss for permission to go to the bathroom! Yes, like in kindergarten.

Why does this happen?  The most likely reason is pressure, many times self imposed.  Usually they have to show their team that they are the boss and the reason why is because they are outstanding professionals.  They are able to work harder and better than anyone else and they want everybody in the team performing like them.

I have seen many good professionals spoiling their professional career with this behavior.  You can be demanding and be a go getter, there is nothing wrong with that.  However, do “take a chill pill” because you have to ask for things with respect.

Hotels on-line reputation made it simple

Another brave Internet startup born in Barcelona.  The ReviewPro team is taking on-line reputation management to the next level.  This amazing tool allows from small hotels to huge hotel groups manage all information posted about them over a great number of Internet sources.  ReviewPro aggregates, analyzes and classifies more than 10,000,000 opinions, reviews, photos, videos, articles and comments.  They have created a technology able to aggregate, classify, track, analyze and manage all the information available from your hotel/s on the Internet.

The SaaS tool allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily monitor all major review sites and social media networks
  • The Global Review Index is a weighted-average that is calculated based on key variables such as the number of reviews and the degree of customer satisfaction.  The Global Review Index score evaluates a hotel’s performance over time and can be compared against its competitors.
  • Track your hotel Global Review Index score
  • Benchmark your direct competitors
  • Manage reviews in multiple languages
  • Assign action tasks and follow-up through a built-in workflow system

In today’s world your on-line reputation can be the difference between failure and success.  A bad reputation will directly sink sales and a good reputation will keep your hotel fully booked.  ReviewPro offers two distinct products, Standard and Advanced, that provide an easy, effective and economic solution.  In addition to this and from my own humble perspective, the relationship between value versus cost is just crazy!  For an extremely low cost you receive an incredible value.

Daddy Smurf Syndrome

The Smurfs (originally Les Schtroumpfs in French) are a fictional group of small sky blue creatures who live somewhere in the forests of medieval Europe.

Papa Smurf is the leader of the Smurfs who can be easily distinguished from the other smurfs by his red clothes and his bushy white beard.  Everyone in Smurf Village turns to Papa Smurf when things go pear-shaped.  Papa Smurf is very skillful in making magical spells and potions.

In the business world Daddy Smurf is the typical manager that overprotects his team, even if they are clearly underperforming or they are acting careless.

Usually Daddy Smurf is the founder of the company that has had successful growth.  Some of the people in his team are not able to cope with the new challenge of a larger company and he is not able to push them to move forward or lift the company.

This also applies to many middle managers.  They usually think that being a colleague instead of a manager is the right thing to do.  So they allow people to continue being lazy or slow or show all kinds of incompetence in order to maintain the “good mood”.

The worst case of this type of managers is the “happy chappy”  manager.  Everything is all right, every thing is fine.  He/She is probably the most novice manager that you can find in your professional life.  You are going to feel good, you are going to do great and your reviews are going to be gorgeous!  However, you will be living a dream.  He/She will not allow you to know how to improve yourself knowing the weaknesses you have in your management skills and reinforce these positively.

In their defense they will argue that they have a low staff turnover, a positive environment and a constructive attitude.  Nevertheless, the results of these teams are usually poor or far below the average.

The real manager is able to get the best from his team, challenging them with positivity, coaching them in difficult tasks without an over protective and unrealistic attitude.

It is very easy to be Daddy Smurf.  However it is very difficult to be a good manager that leads people to obtain the best from them. What kind of manager are you?

Linqia: The Next Social Media Star is based in Barcelona!!!!

Founded by the visionary Maria Sipka and the absolutely amazing Starfish Team, the Linqia marketplace helps monetize social networks by attracting valuable partners.

Linqia presents relevant and interesting commercial partners to social networks who bring affiliate deals, advertising, sponsorships, content, new members, products and innovative technologies.

Key decision makers at social networks register to Linqia for free and specify what type of opportunities they are interested in receiving. Linqia approves commercial partners to present their opportunities to selected social networks which Linqia sends to the key decision maker via the marketplace.

With Linqia, social networks can:
• Increase their visibility to prospective commercial partners

• Attract valuable commercial partners to monetize their offering, provide content, sponsorship, promotions & competitions, market research and much more.
• Specify their interests and needs
• Accept or decline opportunities
• Protect their identify – with no obligation or cost

With Linqia, commercial partners can:

• Select verified key decision makers at social networks
• Create and send a message to selected social networks
• Monitor and receive responses directly into their inbox
• Only pay for social networks who respond

With the pervasive proliferation of Social Media networks the companies and brands need to find their own way. Liquia provides the ecosystem to place a company/brand in the right place saving nice amounts of marketing bucks. It is going to be huge 🙂

3scale, a company based in Barcelona, Spain and Sunnyvale, CA, USA, is one of the leading providers of API Management solutions.

It is the creator of a groundbreaking technology enabling Internet-based companies to secure, control and monitor the online distribution of their digital content/services via API as well as to manage billing and payments for such services.

The unique plug and play nature of the 3scale platform, as well as its flexibility and scalability, makes it a first-choice solution for companies willing to benefit from a professional API management tool and to at the same time minimize not only their costs but also their time-to-market.

Its on-demand SaaS solution offers to Web services/API providers the following features:
– API Access control and management
– API Usage Monitoring and Analytics
– Developer portal
– Billing and Payments management

For more information you can visit 3scale website ( or send your questions and enquiries to [email protected]

Event of the Week: SeedRocket Investors’ Day

Taking place next Thursday 26th;  II SeedRocket Investors’ Day at Sala Empren del Vivero de Empresas de Barcelona Activa – Glorias.

The companies that are going to present have been followed by the SeedRocket team for  a while and are showing a positive trend in these times of crisis (a good sign).   So, I truly believe that these companies have tremendous growth potential:

It is a private event for SeedRocket mentors and some investors and business angels.  However, if there are potential investors interested in attending, please do not hesitate to contact the organizers at

For see-lovers, by sea-lovers

Yesterday at the networking event at [email protected] I met Pedro Valdeomillos, Founder & CEO of

BlooSee is the place to share your knowledge related to navigation and the sea (anchorages, marinas, danger spots, tourist information, paradises and dream spots, etc) on a global world chart.  It is also a social network for every sea-
lover out there: share photos, comments and stories with other users as passionate about the blue world as yourself.

I have to mention the excellent usability and design of their website. In addition, they have an astonishing application for iPhone under development (I cannot disclose the secret but when published, it is going to reach high ranks).

Good luck Pedro!

At last here we are…

Barcelona is amazing! My hometown is creating great technology companies. The opportunities are huge for everybody, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business angels and for anyone that loves the technology world.

My goal is to connect great minds, brave entrepreneurs, wise investors and nice people.

Get in touch!!!