Discipline: The key to success

Do you know how much you can achieve with greater self-discipline?

Discipline is a very important virtue if you want to achieve success in your life.

And yes, sometimes the discipline is very difficult to develop, I could tell you that many people tend to fail because they lack discipline, with which they achieve much or practically nothing.

But all is not lost, that being difficult at the beginning does not mean that you can not develop it, that you can not work in your discipline.

Once you have it, do not waste it. Be enchanted in her, this virtue will help you a lot to get what you want.

I will tell you 7 tips so you can work on your discipline more easily.

1. They have a passion for what they do

Doing your job with passion is essential to succeed. If you do something you love, you will not get tired and discipline will develop in a natural and less forced way.

When you love what you do, nothing is forced. Do not avoid doing hard work, or “not fun”, on the contrary, as you have passion, you are happy with your work, therefore, everything will be much better.

2. Goodbye to distractions

Procasting is very easy when we do not do what we like. That is why the first point is of the utmost importance.

Another point is to avoid distractions, this will help you to be more disciplined. This goes hand in hand with a firm conviction to know what you have and should do.

Establishing schedules can be good help for distractions such as cell phones, social networks, television, etc. Do not affect your productivity.

What is more important? Take out your work or spend all day on Facebook. Establish priorities.

3. Reward progress

Knowing that discipline is not an easy process, I recommend that when you meet your goals for the day, schedules, etc. Give yourself a small prize, to remind yourself that you are doing things right.

This will help you as a motivating factor, you can also reward yourself with breaks, clear up a bit to return to your tasks with a clearer mind, anyway. The reward varies and everything depends on you. But remember to reward yourself for your effort and your work.

4. They do the hardest thing first

As I mentioned in the first point, when there is passion in your work, the most difficult part is not left for later. On the contrary, many people choose to start on that side. Do not put it off, work on it.

I had a coach who always told me that in order to have discipline he would embrace what he would least like to do, in this case it was running.

So I decided to go running every day, even 30 minutes, although I did not want to, I would learn to hug him and start loving him. This is how the discipline works, the hardest thing is not left for later, it is done NOW.

5. Make decisions

Discipline is based on elections. In fact, life is based on choices, but you must remember that there is a reaction to each action or its consequences.

At all times you are deciding what you should do, what you really need or what you want?

Analyze the panorama, and think your choices well. Always try to analyze all the possible information and then make the decision.

6. Use your schedules in your favor

Do not fight against your natural routine. If you are better in the morning, work then. If you do it better during the day, start later.

Nor am I telling you not to do anything, but we definitely have times or times where we are more creative, we work more, we are more productive. Knowing this, make the most of it.

7. Less talk and more acting

This is sometimes the only way to be self-disciplined. You just have to do it. Forget the thoughts. Ignore the feelings. Do not worry about how. Just do what you have to do. Sometimes you just have to try, fail and try again until you solve it.


As a very personal advice I will tell you, that my way of being disciplined is the following: When I am about to fail my objectives, when I feel I can not do it anymore, I use visualization power and I wonder how I want to see myself in so many years or months ?, how do I want it to be my future?

Visualizing my future, it helps me a lot more to stay motivated and not give up. Many times I know that you will want to surrender and no longer follow. But remember the reason why you started, that you do not forget that feeling or that desire. Work on it and move on, the reward is closer than you imagine.