Can we all be leaders?

Many times I have been asked this question, can we all be leaders?

It is a challenging question, and the answer may not like many, but I think we can all be leaders, the question is if we all want to be leaders.

What is it to be a leader?

Many ideas come to my mind when I hear the word “leader”, some relate it to a person who is worthy of admiration, some others an example to follow, others say that it has to do more with humility.

For me, being a leader is someone willing to motivate, drive and see for others. A leader is someone who has a high level of empathy, is someone who does not judge deliberately, if he is someone who is an example person.

But I think that leaders do not go with that goal for life, leaders want the common good and in addition, they become admired and followed people.

Being a leader is not having control of things, a leader is someone who does not seek to control, but to improve, to influence in a positive way.

Having said that, having already said my concept of what it means to be a true leader, I go back to the starting point.

I think that if you really want it and not because of admiration, but because you are a person concerned about the common good, you can become a great leader.

But I think that in these times we have a shortage of leaders, we have shortages of people looking for a common good. And it’s not that I want to sound pessimistic, I think I’m being extremely realistic.

A leader leaves the picture, of the established, not to do something bad, but to improve, innovate, propose and promote.

And when I say that the world has a lack of leaders, it is because I see people who follow the established and often do not even take the time to question.

Your level of empathy is minimal, your greed or hunger to excel is bigger than doing something more for people who need it.

We have become somewhat selfish, we no longer seek a common good, we seek what best suits us and it is over. And yes, the world needs more leaders and fewer sheep that just follow the established and do not dare to risk for more.

The world belongs to those who are willing to risk, fear, I believe, is also a key point for the shortage of leaders today. We are so afraid of risking that we prefer to stay in that comfort zone, where although we are not happy, we are within what is “good” and we can continue like this.

Then immediately there comes a mediocre attitude, everything opposite to a leader. Because leaders like everyone, know mediocrity, only that they do not accommodate that in their lives.

I believe that we can all be leaders, but not everyone wants to do it. Deep down they would like things to be different, but they are not doing anything to achieve that change.

Do you think you have enough to be a leader ?, and if you think so, what are you doing to become the people you would like to be?

We are full of dreams, of desires, but sometimes we are not able to move a single finger to begin the real change. It is laziness, mediocrity, fear and selfishness in many people that prevents them from being leaders.

And of course, there are people who do not feel worthy to be, this is more linked to the self-esteem of each person. Courage, perseverance, discipline, empathy and many other qualities that make a leader what he is, do not go out overnight, they work hard for them.

I have a task for you, in the morning that you look in the mirror, ask yourself if you are really becoming the person you want to be, the person you dreamed about. And if not, I recommend that you analyze your life, objectively (it can be difficult but not impossible), and ask yourself where you are, and what you are doing, to become a leader.