Opening the way in the face of adversity

“These are difficult times,” Carlos told me, a friend, a few days ago while we were having a coffee and chatting.

“Look, I tell you what I think are hard times, things are not like they used to be, before it was easier to be independent, to create your own company,” he told me and continued.

“Now, the world is in crisis, economic stability is a myth, I see crisis on all sides,” and while listening to him as he ventured with me, I asked him the following.

“Look Carlos, when were the easy times?” When I was younger, I heard the same story.

The times are difficult for the person who wants to be difficult, the entrepreneur learns to see opportunities where others only see the problems.

I went on saying that many of the obstacles we have are more mental than real. Come on, sometimes in our mind, we create catastrophic scenarios of events that have not occurred. We let ourselves be invaded by pessimism, we believe what others repeat and we do not allow ourselves to experience things on our own.

Carlos was silent, thinking, maybe he was right … “Carlos … you are still in your job” sure “, you have not taken that step of undertaking, because you keep repeating to yourself time and again that times are difficult, you yourself have programmed to not achieve what you propose, what do not you see? “, I commented.

He was silent, as if stunned, he realized at that precise moment, that what he was saying was not bullshit. It was real, never had the opportunity to undertake, for fear of an unexplained scenario.

What a dilemma! How many times have we not blocked for fear of things that DO NOT exist ?, Carlos was one of those people, that like you or me, many times we have stopped by fear.

The times are not difficult, nor easy, the times are the times and it’s over. If you, like Carlos, you are going to stop experimenting because of what others say, you are lost, you are finished, you are going, you have not even started the game and you are already lost.

Nobody, absolutely nobody deserves to be in a job that does not love, does not deserve to be in a job that does not love because it is something “safe”, because you receive a payroll. That sooner than later will end up consuming you, it will end.

One day you will wake up unhappy, dissatisfied, tired, fed up, because you are not doing what you want, what you really want to do.

Carlos, he was one of them, a man who lived for his work, not for himself. We are afraid to fail, but never give ourselves the opportunity to even try.

And it is that failure is not a bad thing, you must take away that idea from your head, failure is learning, it is part of life, we will not always succeed, it will not always come out as we wish.

But it is better to try to stay with the desire to have done it, one day you are young and the next you wake up with a couple of years on top. I do not want you to get to that moment where you wonder what you did with your life all this time.

And it is that the time we do not have it bought, today you are and tomorrow no longer. And many times we stop, we block because we think we have time, and we leave things for later, and sometimes that does not exist later, sometimes it is NOW or NEVER.

I know it may sound very trite, but it is an absolute truth. Times always change and adversity can work as a catapult for your success, to achieve what you set out to do. Everything is in your mind, are you a winner or a loser?

And as I said to Carlos that afternoon, everything is in you. I will never tire of repeating that when we change an idea, we change our destiny.

Ideas can be molded, changed, eliminated, we have that power and it is incredible that we are not taking advantage of it.

The mind is extremely powerful, we have the power to create, to shape our destiny, the decisions we make today will echo in tomorrow.

What decisions are you taking?

I invite you to like Carlos, stop repeating something that you have not lived, that you risk, that you take control of your future, your present, your life.

I invite you to do it, do not stay with the doubt. If you do what you really want, what you love, believe me that success will come, because that is how life works. We do what we love for love, the money comes in addition.

What are you doing in your life ?, Do you think you have time ?, Analyze it TODAY, not tomorrow, TODAY.