Why Remember The Milk made it to my Top Apps List


I have been trying so many apps throughout my career, but I can say that Remember the Milk has become one of my all time favorites. Everytime I try another app, my heart keeps coming back to this one.

These are the my top 5 reasons for using this app:

  1. First of all if you are an Evernote user, like myself, this app already got better for you: the calendar syncs! Everything you have on your calendar will immediately add itself to RMT.
  2. It is the only app which stays on top of everything. Sometimes having a calendar or a to do list is not enough, but having your personal manager right in your pocket is  a different level of organization.
  3. Keeping track of time: Sometimes I am so busy, that I cannot keep track of time, so the good thing about this app is that you can program in advance a reminder and voilà!
  4. If you are an Iphone user, Siri will be your personal manager and best friend, as he will be speaking to you personally.
  5. Organization is a routine now. Even though it is hard at first to keep track of all the new innovative things happening in your business career, this app will help you.

Have you tried it? Share experiences.

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