BQ Readers: One of Spain’s Most Innovative Start-Ups


Arduino Zum by BQ ReadersAs many of you know, I have a passion for robotics and the “Internet of Things”. Thus I was so happy to receive my fantastic Arduino ZUM board by BQ Readers. It is a board that incorporates additional features that will be appreciated by both professionals and amateur fans. It is worth mentioning Bluetooth, 3A input (that allows a larger number of peripherals) and a set of additional pins, extremely useful for the design phase. 

I also recommend to anyone interested int he topic “My First Robotics Kit” that definitely is not exclusive for your kids. The first time I saw a BQ Readers product was a year ago at FNAC. At that point BQ had two mobiles sold under the FNAC brand as Phablets (Phone&Tablet). After trying it I realized that it was one of the mobile devices with the highest ratio quality+features vs. market prices. BQ has been launching new product lines at an incredible speed: they have new phones and tablets every few months and also a printer line called ·D that looks very promising.

I have to say it is a great pleasure for me to see Spanish companies innovating in Technology…I know you will say most of the products are made in China but well, my iPhone is too. The key to success is not where you manufacture but how you design.

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