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What are Top Mobile trends for 2014? iBeacons, wearables, IoT or maybe something else?


The key trends for 2014 are:

1. User Centric Design based on Context
2. Apps winning in customer engagement vs mobile web
3. Mobile differentiation is a make or break for businesses
4. Apps are transforming the way we do business
5. 2014 is not the year for wearables
6. LG strikes back while Blackberry and HTC continue to drop
7. Real-time communication with shoppers
8. Identity and privacy
9. Mobile Payment breakthrough
10. The Internet of things moves mainstream

The full presentation including insights, trends, predictions and recommendations is available here:

Top mobile trends

by  on Jan 20, 2014


Today @ First Tuesday Barcelona

Panel: Errores de los emprendedores (English version below)


  • Jesús Monleón (@jemonleon), fundador de Offerum
  • Lluis Font (@lluisfont), CEO y fundador de Zyncro

Si quieres saber cuáles son los errores más frecuentes en el emprendimiento para evitar cometerlos como emprendedor, ¡no faltes a la cita!


18.45 – Abrimos puertas

19h – Networking + Breaking Ice

20h- 21h – Charla-coloquio


Panel: Errors of entrepreneurs


Jesus Monleón (@ jemonleon), founder of Offerum
Lluis Font (@ lluisfont), CEO and founder of Zyncro

If you want to know what are the most common mistakes to avoid commit entrepreneurship as an entrepreneur, do not miss the date!


18.45 – Opening doors

19h – Networking + Ice Breaking

20h-21h – Speech + Q&A