5 Tips to Boost your Energy and Productivity (4 of 5): CONTROL YOUR INNER FEARS #4

Luis Font

294009_268605889846516_224844840889288_804486_1471078800_nAs entrepreneurs we will have to solve many problems that we had not raised and not give up and control our fear of failure. Your mental attitude in front of challenge is more than 50% of your success as entrepreneur.

My father, God rests his soul, was saying there are three types of courage: the mad, really brave that control fear and unconscious. He included me in the third group 🙂

Fear runs out our valuable energy and paralyzes us. If you are able to control your inner fears and overcome them sure you come out ahead.

In addition, is a very powerful stimulus, more powerful than positive stimulus. Being able to control our inner fears is how to control a powerful weapon.

Decide which type you are and you will be able to brave all challenges!

Here you have a really good post that help you to control your inner fears: http://www.wikihow.com/Calm-Your-Fear-Reactions

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