Apple Dictatorship

Image from www.idownloadblog.comI’ve to confess although I was a big Apple fan now I am pissed off with them. It seems that times to take care of the client are flying away. Now it’s time to launch new products and features without taking care of the quality.

Here you have my experience. I’m sure you know more:

Apple iPad Mini battery life is very, very short: It is a fact that Apple denies, but it is a great true. You only have to speak with user of iPad mini. You cannot not even leave the device sleeping it drains a lot of battery. In fact I came back no my regular iPad, with mini I cannot assure it will work while traveling.

IOS7 and iPhone 4: If you have an iPhone 4 (not iPhone 4S) DO NOT upgrade to IOS7 your iPhone will become very, very slow. I checked with several friends and behavior is the same. Apple solution, upgrade to new iPhone 5….

IOS7 Agenda: with new look and feel is far more difficult to check. User experience is running in reverse.

IOS7 & iPhoto: For me that’s the worse. I have more that 10.000 pictures in iPhone classified by Event. Now apple decide that you cannot classify by event in your iPad, so they decide what is better for you. For me iPad for picture visualization has become unusable.

Other bugs: For month iPhone was not working properly under certain cell network in Europe, dropping calls an becoming out of service with no reasons, iTunes for windows 8 is not working properly in many cases and quits from the application unexpectedly… and the list goes on…

If you want to add your experience feel free!

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Luis Font

5 Tips to Boost your Energy and Productivity (4 of 5): CONTROL YOUR INNER FEARS #4

294009_268605889846516_224844840889288_804486_1471078800_nAs entrepreneurs we will have to solve many problems that we had not raised and not give up and control our fear of failure. Your mental attitude in front of challenge is more than 50% of your success as entrepreneur.

My father, God rests his soul, was saying there are three types of courage: the mad, really brave that control fear and unconscious. He included me in the third group 🙂

Fear runs out our valuable energy and paralyzes us. If you are able to control your inner fears and overcome them sure you come out ahead.

In addition, is a very powerful stimulus, more powerful than positive stimulus. Being able to control our inner fears is how to control a powerful weapon.

Decide which type you are and you will be able to brave all challenges!

Here you have a really good post that help you to control your inner fears:

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Luis Font

5 Tips to Boost your Energy and Productivity (3 of 5): THINK POSITIVE #3

ID-10072737Not a silly advice, a good wish or even a desirable attitude, it is a scientific reality: being positive works!

And it works in many ways:

You’ll live longer; believe it or not positive attitude will lengthen your life. A study for over 30 years at the Mayo Clinic concluded that people with positive thinking has a 50 % greater chance of living longer. Not only that, in many cases, doctors choose to made surgery on patients at risk only if their attitude is positive, the chances of survival are much higher.

It will improve your health, we (include myself) not only have less chance of getting sick. Stress and negative thinking diminish our defenses, if we get sick we recover earlier and we feel less bad. Remember that being positive reduces the number of stress-related hormones, so it has a real physical effect on us.

Another powerful weapon, which use much elite athletes and professional from many disciplines, is positive visualization. If you are a golfer can imagine you throw a ball perfectly and goes straight to the green, the more you imagine better your chances of it happening. Think this kind of display trains our brain; therefore the execution time will be more prepared, as a real practice. The same applies to an important presentation, imagine on stage, what you say, think people will smile and listen carefully. I’ve tried hundreds of times and I can assure you it works!

Our attitude should extend our relationship with others. An advice that I got a long time, it is a jewel:

“You can not change the opinion or comments of others on you however you can change how you react to them.”

Remember, always take criticism positive although comes from the world’s most negative person. However, you must protect yourself against “eternal complainers” or “yes… but” this kind of people are usually called energy vampires. They will get all your energy with their negative comments. I’ve suffered in my own skin, I used to have a manager that only seen him I have the feeling that he was taking all my energy like draining my battery.

You need to train yourself in order the comments of others will affect you as little as possible. It will reduce your level of stress and increase your energy level. I know it takes some time, nevertheless the final results will be awesome.

Positive Thinking improve your health, lengthen your lives, you become better at whatever you do and make those around you feel good.

A new attitude will be worth trying.

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