3 Reasons for Software Vendors to sell in Mexico

As most of you know one of my professional endeavours is the social collaboration platform Zyncro. Zyncro has been steadily growing and became part of the Garner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace. One of the reasons for its success has been the sales strategy, through partnerships in strategic markets. The fastest growing one so far has been Mexico. So here are my three reasons as a software vendor to sell in Mexico.

1. No language barrier

Ok, Zyncro is based in Spain and we communicate easily in Spanish but in Mexico the level of English is very high, especially when it comes to the type of client targeted by software vendors. This simplifies the process significantly. Zyncro has partners in other markets with cultural and language differences, such as Japan or China, and it really takes patience and dedication to build trust there.

2. Big potential

In the past two years Mexico and Central America have been growing at a rate of 40% per year in software sales. Also let´s not forget it is the 10th largest economy by purchasing power parity. As an export-oriented economy, most of the businesses in the country NEED several software solutions. SAP reported last year that 90% of their clients in the region are SMBs and generate 50% of the company revenue.

3. Knowledgable clients

The level of knowledge of the client is higher than what we found in other markets. It doesn’t sound Chinese to them when you talk about the features of your product. The companies are up to date in terms of Technology and know when they need to implement a new solution. That makes it so much easier to sell in Mexico.

Overall, our experience with the Mexican market has been very positive. Nevertheless, different opinions are accepted too. I welcome you to the comments section.

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