From Tired to Inspired

Luis Font

iStock_000028293548SmallIt has been said and repeated hundreds of times that entrepreneur’s life is not easy. The constant fight, the challenges that appear along the way and long working hours make being an entrepreneur a risky vocation (sometimes forced).

Nowadays everyone gives sound advice; we have been flooded of » Coaches » with the fair purpose of helping us. They are welcome! Nevertheless, many of us need something more basic, is called “work-life balance”.

I do not think has been treated in depth the huge benefits for the entrepreneur who has a healthy lifestyle that includes sports activity, healthy eating and quality time of family and social life.

I see entrepreneurs and executives constantly burned with Chronic fatigue syndrome, if you get to Saturday and you are exhausted then you are in. What do you get with it? The answer is you go directly against your goal: wrong decision-making, low energy, limited creativity and poor communication… all thanks to constant tiredness.

And now come the eternal excuse, I have no time to devote to myself with the enormous amount of work that I have, if we add children have the perfect excuse to sink ever deeper into an abyss that can lead to disease or death. I’m not exaggerating, much of the heart attack are today due bad habits and wrong lifestyle!

I have to admit I’ve been a » workholic » eternally tired, yes me too. However over time, I learned how to have very high energy levels, maintain healthy lifestyle, and well-balanced life. Although I’m still a » workholic » I do love my work.

Now is the point that I think I have something to explain, and I changed the direction of my blog, not only speak about technology and startups. I will also include my learnings of the past 20 years on health, sports, nutrition and meditation all aimed at the new warriors: entrepreneurs and executives that want to balance their life getting along the way better health, more energy, outstanding performance and believe or not enjoy life more.

Welcome to New !

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