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5 Tips to Boost your Energy and Productivity: AVOID PROCESSED FOOD

ID-100123788What are Processed Foods? Processed foods have been altered from their natural state, either for safety reasons or for convenience. The methods used include canning, freezing, refrigeration, dehydration and aseptic processing.

Why are so unhealthy? In many cases these has been added food additives, preservatives, salt and sugar to preserve them and prevent spoilage. I mean we are also ingesting with these foods large amounts of chemicals, salt and sugar.

The risks of many additives are not known, since they depend on epidemiological studies that take years in many cases. But salt has a direct effect on our blood pressure and fluid retention, and sugar transforms very easily in body fat, and what is worse when climbing the peak level Insulin helps other foods we have eaten together easily become fat.

Another terrible ingredient High Fructose Corn Syrup, used by most fast food companies in the world, makes food and drinks sweet and palatable. Probably the cause of many of many cases of overweight as it is in many, many processed foods, especially in USA.

Another thing to avoid are foods high in fat, remember that there are three types of fat:

  • The good: Monounsaturated fat , Polyunsaturated fat. Vegetable oils are typically in Vegetable oils (such as safflower, corn, sunflower, soy and cottonseed oils), nut oils (such as peanut oil), poultry, nuts and seeds.
  • Those you must control: Saturated fat. They are where you expect in Cheese, pizza, grain-based desserts, and animal products, such as chicken dishes, sausage, hot dogs, bacon and ribs. Other sources: lard, butter, and coconut, palm and other tropical oils.
  • And we should not eat under any circumstances: Trans fat, banned in many countries like USA , UK , … Margarines, snack foods and prepared desserts, such as cookies and cakes. Naturally occurring sources include meat and dairy products.

Processed foods that may be bad for you:

  • Canned foods with large amounts of sodium or fat.
  • Pasta meals made with refined white flour instead of whole grains.
  • Packaged high-calorie snack foods such as chips and candies.
  • Frozen fish sticks and frozen dinners that are high in sodium.
  • Packaged cakes and cookies.
  • Boxed meal mixes that are high in fat and sodium.
  • Sugary breakfast cereals.
  • Processed meats typically coming from fast food.

Next time you buy food please take a look at the nutrition label in order to see the amount of sugar, salt and saturated fats.

Avoiding this kind of food will dramatically increase your energy:

  1. Your insulin level will remain stable and you will have less ups and downs;
  2. The digestion of saturated fat is very difficult for your body and take a lot of your energy.

Remember, the best option is always fresh food.

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5 Tips to Boost your Energy and Productivity (1of 5): WALK #1

iStock_000000904995SmallThose who know me know I am tremendously hands-on, my goal is that all the tips are practical and have immediate application. So this first post will go straight to the point. I want you dramatically increase your energy levels naturally and fast, the following 5 tips are most effective:

# 1 Walk

No need to start with a training program 6 hours a week to improve your energy levels. Just walk, and if you the habit start slow walk as 15 minutes a day, then increase by 5 minutes each week. I know what you’re thinking: “do not have time!” Do as me, take the headphones from your mobile and start to make calls while walking, Promise you, it will 200% productive time!

Also walking will generate endorphins that are going to cause you feel much better and obviously you will be in better mood.

The worse you feel most will work, if you’re stuck with a document that does not come with a presentation you do not like or with a spreadsheet that does not match, is the best you can do, so get up and go for a walk! Do not go against your own body, if you’re not focused or inspired to do the task at the time it is best to take a break. The metrics are miraculous, if in a state of mental fatigue it takes two hours to complete a task, with your mind fresh, endorphins in the body and a little concentration same task will probably over 30 minutes. Then if you add the 15-20 minutes you’ve been walking the outcome is you’ve just got literally an hour of time!

Walking not only has positive effects on your mood, is the activity that burns more fat! More than running? Yes, definitely the most fat burning, without any doubt. The reason is the following, your heart rate will be between 90 and 120 beats per minute, your body will mobilize at this heart rate much more fat than carbohydrates as energy source. Speeding up heart rate, for example running, will drive your body to get a quicker way to get energy burning carbohydrates instead of fat.

In addition, walking is an excellent exercise for no great athletes. It doesn’t need prior preparation, does not damage the knees or lower back as running. Just pick a good footwear. I recommend to the ladies that love heels something that many women do in New York, where walking the distances are huge, they go to work with bringing comfortable shoes and leaving some elegant heels for within the office.

Want to measure your progress? I am a fan of Fitbit Tracker, which I will devote a complete post, just carrying this small device you will know how many Km/Miles you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve consumed. It’s great for motivation.

In summary:

  • Walk a little every day
  • Start according to your level, if you do 15 minutes a day starting from zero it is a big step forward
  • If your mind is not in shape, making a break and walking will you help a lot
  • Walking improves your mood, burns fat and improve your fitness

Are you already taking comfortable shoes to go walking?

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From Tired to Inspired

iStock_000028293548SmallIt has been said and repeated hundreds of times that entrepreneur’s life is not easy. The constant fight, the challenges that appear along the way and long working hours make being an entrepreneur a risky vocation (sometimes forced).

Nowadays everyone gives sound advice; we have been flooded of » Coaches » with the fair purpose of helping us. They are welcome! Nevertheless, many of us need something more basic, is called “work-life balance”.

I do not think has been treated in depth the huge benefits for the entrepreneur who has a healthy lifestyle that includes sports activity, healthy eating and quality time of family and social life.

I see entrepreneurs and executives constantly burned with Chronic fatigue syndrome, if you get to Saturday and you are exhausted then you are in. What do you get with it? The answer is you go directly against your goal: wrong decision-making, low energy, limited creativity and poor communication… all thanks to constant tiredness.

And now come the eternal excuse, I have no time to devote to myself with the enormous amount of work that I have, if we add children have the perfect excuse to sink ever deeper into an abyss that can lead to disease or death. I’m not exaggerating, much of the heart attack are today due bad habits and wrong lifestyle!

I have to admit I’ve been a » workholic » eternally tired, yes me too. However over time, I learned how to have very high energy levels, maintain healthy lifestyle, and well-balanced life. Although I’m still a » workholic » I do love my work.

Now is the point that I think I have something to explain, and I changed the direction of my blog, not only speak about technology and startups. I will also include my learnings of the past 20 years on health, sports, nutrition and meditation all aimed at the new warriors: entrepreneurs and executives that want to balance their life getting along the way better health, more energy, outstanding performance and believe or not enjoy life more.

Welcome to New !

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