MWC Barcelona: The Best & The Worst

IMG_1714I have to say that I am absolutely impressed with the MWC this year.

First of all it is huge, equivalent to 40 football (soccer) fields and more than 72.000 attendants. The city is full and vibrant I like it! If you are in the Mobile and Software this is the place to be, both industries are merging.

The Best

We have the opportunity to see some important news:

  • Firefox OS is here! A new kid in town to compete against IOS and Android
  • UBUNTU OS as well 🙂 Tests seem to show a better performance than Firefox OS
  • An even more OS!!! Samsung the new OS, named Tizen, will also compete against iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, Firefox OS and Ubuntu Mobile.
  • Nokia 105: 15€ Cell phone, yes 15€ If I can get whatsapp on it I will get one 🙂
  • Probably the biggest cell phone in the market Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet
  • Finally, many and many new applications and cloud software, the amount of creativity and possibilities is having a exponential increase every year. My choice are:
    • Captio: You can create automatically your expenses report just take pictures of the tickets!
    •  Waze: Social Routing app, get in time to your job thanks to your friends
    • 123Dapp : Imaging digital holographic technology creates realistic, three-dimensional experiences unlike any other.

The Worst

This is not very bad, nevertheless I have to confess that I didn’t see any tremendous innovation from hardware perspective: no batteries for Android or iphone that last one week (even 3 days) or real flexible screen that you can bed a create a 13″ right from your pocket.

The real worst thing: many cells phones, wallets and tablets have been pickpocketed this week (even wikipedia mention Barcelona as a reference)! You can read the bad experience of Nobi here. Again the Spanish Politician are unable to change the law in order to protect the citizens and the best asset for Spanish economy: Turist. We have pickpockets that have been arrested for more that 100 times, once they are arrested they leave the police station in less than 30 minutes. And police is doing a great job, they know them and they catch them. However if politician don’t change the laws there is nothing they can do.

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