From an Apple Big Supporter: Don’t buy an iPhone 5!

iphone 5 call failedI don’t care about what is going on on the stock market when it comes to Apple. From an innovation and technology standpoint the company is losing ground every minute when it comes to mobile technology, compared to Android phones. If you live in Europe I do recommend not buying an iphone 5. It definitely is not working for something really simple: making calls.

Yes, believe it or not iphone 5 may have hardware of software glitches that are generating constant connection cuts, poor audio call quality and many times service unavailable missage. It seems that iphone 5 is designed only to work properly in California 3G and LTE networks. When you try to used it in Europe definitely is not working no matter if you are in France using Orange, in Germany using T-mobile or in Spain using Telefonica or Vodafone, constant cuts &  lost connections remain the same. Just to give you a flavour of the problem here you have more than 50 pages of complains in Apple forums.

I’ve been Apple big supporte for years, know I am simply angry customer obliged to carry to cells in order to do my work properly. Thanks Apple!


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