From an Apple Big Supporter: Don’t buy an iPhone 5!

iphone 5 call failedI don’t care about what is going on on the stock market when it comes to Apple. From an innovation and technology standpoint the company is losing ground every minute when it comes to mobile technology, compared to Android phones. If you live in Europe I do recommend not buying an iphone 5. It definitely is not working for something really simple: making calls.Seguir leyendo


viCloning – The First Affordable Intelligent Virtual Agent That’s Easy To Set Up And Maintain

viCloning is the first affordable solution that doesn’t require IT skills. Support for 35+ languages. Automatic and proactive trainers allow users to easily improve the system with or even without intervention. Advanced natural language engine and algorithms for same price as click to chat solutions without the agent.

Viclone, an emerging leader in intelligent virtual agent solutions, has launched viCloning® public beta – the first affordable intelligent virtual agent and customer service optimisation solution that doesn’t require IT skills to set up and maintain. viCloning benefits companies that are spending too much on online customer service and support, and yet are not able to provide customers with the service and support they deserve. This solution helps smaller companies and start-ups that are often unable to deliver adequate customer service due to the excessive monetary and human costs of providing a true around-the-clock customer service and support.

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