Management 2.0: «The best productivity tools in the cloud» (three of three)

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By Ada Font

Before you begin to read, remember: none of the tools I recommend can be of any use unless you are prepared to change your working method.  Productivity software is useless unless used with the correct processes and methods, it would be the same as using a drill in the same way as a hammer in order to make a hole in the wall, the tool can be the best in the world but it is useless if used incorrectly.

Take Notes

If somebody does not take notes of what they need to do during a meeting, we are off to a bad start.  This is not always the case but usually, it is.  The only time I do not take notes is when I am presenting a product to a client and it becomes almost impossible to present, listen, answer as well as take notes.  That said, I rush out of the meeting to note down all of the topics and the client’s suggestions and requests.  I recommend Evernote. It is superb and on top of that, it is free if you are like me and you use it mainly for textual notes.  I have my notes synchronised on all of my computers, iPad and iPhone organised by topics and categorized with tags.

Project Management

First you will need to determine what you want to control, simple tasks in large blocks with clear owners.  For this I recommend the Zyncro task manager.  If on the other hand your projects are more complex you will need to link tasks, control costs, timings and see these on a Gantt chart, I recommend Basecamp or TeamBox.

Organise ideas, tasks, workflow and problems

If you want to organise your ideas, there is nothing better than mind mapping tools, I am a fan of Comapping despite its cost.  It allows various people to work on a map at the same time and in realtime, it can even be used to prepare topics to be covered in a meeting as well as keep them updated.  Also, MindManager offers an up to date cloud version, I tried the previous one and it did not work too well but it seems that the current one has resolved its problems.

Universal Shared Calendar

Would you like to make your calendar available to others in a secure manner and without having to worry about what technology is being used by others?  Try Tungle or Doodle.


If what you want is a working environment that allows you to work in a team (synchronizing included) and create all types of work groups with external and internal people then of course, I can only recommend Zyncro.  In addition to the new ZyncroApps we will also have integrated your favourite productivity software.  Zyncro is never going to be in the running for having the best project manager or the best notes manger, but we can integrate the best software so that you can work with whichever you prefer.

Which software would you like to be integrated with Zyncro?  All of your comments are like gifts to us 🙂

The next Management 2.0 entry is sure to be interesting… Dismissals 2.0


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