Joe Zyncro, the new Zyncro recruit

Meet Joe Zyncro, the new member of the team.  Joe is a multicultural person, very international, let us explain…

Born in San Jose, the epicenter of California’s Silicon Valley, Italian father, North American mother of German descent.  Joe has travelled extensively since he was young.  His father was an ambassador and his mother, a well known artist whose name we shall not mention (she has works of art even at the MOMA).  He has grown up in a cosmopolitan and creative environment, in modern cities such as Tokyo, Paris and Buenos Aires.

Since he was a child, he was always passionate about technology so he decided to study IT at Stanford.  But his true vocation is people, in which he chose to specialize by obtaining a Masters in Organisational Psychology at Complutense in Madrid.

Despite a childhood full or travel and glamour, Joe is a well-natured and friendly person.  His parents knew how to teach him values such as simplicity, honesty and effort in his work.

Joe’s speciality is to identify new collaboration formulas among people inside and outside organisations.  As the brand’s ambassador, Joe will be in charge of portraying how Zyncro can help companies work in a more cooperative and integrated manner.

Joe knows that having good technology is not enough.  We human beings need training, motivation, entertainment and overall, inspiration to change the work habits we have gained in order to improve on a personal and professional basis day by day.

Having one way of working is not altogether bad.  What is more, now outdated methods were at the time, the most productive way of working.  What would have happened in the 60’s without the typewriter when personal computers and text editors did not exist?  Nowadays the same thing is happening but at a much faster pace.  At the speed at which technology is advancing and good working practice can become obsolete relatively easily.  Zyncro wants to be an upto date and dynamic solution for the needs of corporate communication.  Joe will be the ambassador of the revolution which means Zyncro for your company’s 2.0 communications.  He will help us from the technical point of view as well as overall, the human point of view.


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