I do not believe in Christmas but in Angels

Christmas time means nothing to me. Yes I do celebrate it, with three kids is great. Of course, I certainly not criticize who is excited about.

However, I think we (myself included) become a crazyness of shopping, losing much of the spirit. Think about it, what does it mean when we say Merry Christmas? We’re very happy on Christmas day, we all have noble and wonderful feeling these days.

We should behave like Christmas all year round, our best wishes, our charity, empathy and love for others we have to go with the 354 days remaining. That would make us Angels, and they exist I’ve seen some!

Angel is someone that has the feeling of Christmas in your heart all year. Try to have a friendly smile, helping out, not getting angry for silly things and forgive the one who screws up without screaming at when them (even if they deserve). Surely you know some.

During 2011 create your «Project Angel», do something for someone you have not done before, do not expect anything in return. An NGO, a neighbor in trouble, a social project, a co-worker, an abandoned animal, … the good has no limits.

Will carry the Christmas spirit with you all year, and we will get back to all its true meaning, no matter witch religion you follow.

With all sincerity I am capable, I wish you the best … and please try to be an Angel the rest of the year, it’s hard but I also try.

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