Zyncro: When Business Collaboration gets Social

Ladies & Gentlemen here you have my new venture! Zyncro is a new platform that increases the productivity of your business. Zyncro provides out-of-the-box preconfigured hosted (SaaS) Social Business Collaboration Tools in a standard template form that do not require IT skills to set up or manage.

Our solution combines two powerful technologies that improve the organization and internal communication: With the enterprise microblogging you can post messages, send questions, share ideas and news, post status updates and other people of your company can respond. In addition, you can select those that you consider important conversations and follow by e-mail. But that’s not all; you can also store files of any size, graphics, presentations, photos and anything else you want with our powerful file server hybrid. So in the wall can’t only see all the conversations and communications of your company, but you have checked all your files. Also, to facilitate your task, with our application you can sync the computers and documents that you want and will be updated automatically and you can access them from anywhere, at any time.

With Zyncro you will:

Create your Intranet 2.0

Integrate a corporate feed, file management and people directory in a single platform. Totally secure, no hardware or licenses and activated in just a minute.

Manage knowledge

Capture, organize and hold on to knowledge in your company: sort documentation, store conversations and establish your work team’s skills, all in a secure and confidential manner.

Organize your work team

Manage the documentation that your team generates and communicate efficiently. Activate Zyncro in just a minute; no hardware or licenses, and completely secure.

Sell more. Sell better

Create your own customer extranet with complete security, so that they can access a restricted area where you can present offers, exchange documents and converse.


Use it now absolutely for free

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