On-line Marketing Manager Web 2.0

If you are an old fashion marketing manager from Business School please do not reply this job post.

We are searching for a creative but extremely well organize new generation on-line marketing manager (new generation does not imply necessarily to be young).

If you know how to get advantage of blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, youtube and all new social media and marketing tool you might be the right one.

Our dreamt candidate is like this:

you know how to design an attractive and usable websites (do worry with work with a web agency);

how to improve SEO to appear at the top in search engines without expending a fortune;

use Google Analytics and Google adworks to drive traffic to the web selecting the most cost effective keywords;

metrics freak? You know how to measure the return of every dollar/euro spent on-line.

Crazy and innovative marketing ideas are more than welcome

Please, if you feel you can not miss this job sent me an email lfont   @ startup dot cat or linkedin http://linkedin.com/in/luisfont

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