TeamBox: the new generation of project management

How do you do Project Management? Tired of MSProject? Too complex, difficult to update and impossible to share.

Here you have the right tool for you.

Teambox is a twitter-style Project Collaboration tool. It’s available in a SaaS version and also as open-source software you can customize.

In Teambox, workflow is organized around projects. Projects have their own twitter-like Activity Feed, Tasks and wiki Pages. Files can be attached. A powerful search bar allows you to quickly access information from active or completed projects.

Teambox allows different people to use it in different ways: You can access the web app, connect with the API or manage projects by email. Its design targets flexibility through simplicity.

Less is more. We believe that a simple tool can do much more for your team, by having only the features you actually need. This makes it both more intuitive to use, and more flexible.

It’s now available in English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German and Italian. Open-source contributors are welcome to join the project and submit their own improvements or translations.

While Teambox is available as open-source software you can install, we offer a hassle-free hosted version for your company.

Premium accounts are available for extra features: More storage, search across projects, support, reporting, time tracking, security, offline backups. This can save you hours of IT deployments and maintenance for a small monthly fee.

They say «Barcelona is the city where we were born, and we’re excited about the times to come. Our sales team is headquartered in Spain, and we have plans to expand through combined commercial and online action. A solid business needs to extend its profit channels and not depend exclusively on one of them.»

This startup was founded two years ago by Pablo Villalba as a side project. It was only a year later when, thanks to the support of Seedrocket and our investors, the project became a real company.

Willing to invest? Just contact me, I will introduce you to Pablo.


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