Justinmind: Speeding up software development

The old motto “A picture is worth a thousand words” is more true than you can possibly imagine.

Having the look & feel, the workflow, the fields and the whole picture of your software application (also called mockups) before you program any single line of code can speed up your development cycle dramatically.

Forget about wasting time writing long functional analysis that your client/user never reads and further more never signs.

With Justinmind you can create in minutes the complete prototype of your application. You can check with your end-user and team, modify 1000 times and get a final agreement without programming a minute.

Some of the key features are the following:

Real-time mockup simulation: Simulate your interactive mockups, even with real data, before starting the project development. Demonstrate how the final application will behave to your customers, test users and IT suppliers. Simulation technology helps you cut costs in your projects avoiding dramatic changes at the final stages of your projects.

Generate and share mockups: Your customers and users can test and annotate a functional web mockup worldwide with a web browser, and communicate changes and new requirements with the web annotation system.

Multi-platform solutions: Justinmind Prototyper, the wireframing tool, is available for Windows and Mac OS. Justinmind released Justinmind Server for Windows, Red Hat, Suse and Ubuntu.

My estimation as professional with more than 20 years in the software industry is that you can save near of 50% of development time using Justinmind!!! Again… near 50%!!!

In summary, the key benefits are the following:

  1. Avoid misunderstanding with user & clients
  2. Get the approval of the prototype is much easier than get the approval of a long word document
  3. You invest in design and concept and you save a huge amount of time in development. You minimize the last minutes changes.
  4. You can save tons of programming time with the right prototype definition at the beginning

With Justinmind you can save time, save money and increase the satisfaction of your user and clients.

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