Business Intelligence Fast and Easy: A powerful Excel-based report generation and distribution engine

Are you going to jump in to a Business Intelligence Project? Before, you adquire any expensive tool you had better to take a look at Apesoft, based in Barcelona and Atlanta.

It saves hours of wasted effort by automating many activities associated with manual Excel reporting. Creating reports is easy with the built-in query wizard and report designer. It automatically extracts data from databases, accounting and ERP systems and then formats this information into graphically rich, pixel perfect Excel reports. The built-in work planner automates the generation and delivery of reports and alerts via email or Web.

Key features:excel

– Users love it because its 100% Excel – simple and familiar

– Unlimited user licensing. Users only need Excel – no add-ins or plug-ins required

– Scheduled daily, weekly, monthly refresh of reports – automatically

– Automatic alerting

– Native support for many common formats – Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML and Access

– Access to virtually any data source via ODBC – Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, AS400, etc.

– Easily combine data from disparate sources into a single report

– Easily reuse existing Excel reports

– Support for OLAP cubes

– And much more…

In summary, you do not need expensive Business Intelligence tools, endless projects and slow data integration tools in order to have all the critical data of your company available. With Apesoft you will be able to take strategic decisions with the right data available at the right time.

All you need is Excel!!!

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