Colony’s Governor Syndrome

Colony’s Governor Syndrome is a typical problem with young male managers, although I also observed it in some women.  When a successful young manager is promoted and suddenly becomes the boss of a team his behaviour changes.  He or She begins to behave in a bossy manner and becomes over demanding but no only that; arrogant, despotic and rude are other common adjectives.  It even happens amongst some really kind and considerate people.

In few words, we have a young highly motivated professional who becomes a monster that is able to spoil the best fitted working team.  They start to shout at people, calling them losers, threatening to lay them off and becoming irritable and intolerant.

I have seen an incredible case where people needed to ask the boss for permission to go to the bathroom! Yes, like in kindergarten.

Why does this happen?  The most likely reason is pressure, many times self imposed.  Usually they have to show their team that they are the boss and the reason why is because they are outstanding professionals.  They are able to work harder and better than anyone else and they want everybody in the team performing like them.

I have seen many good professionals spoiling their professional career with this behavior.  You can be demanding and be a go getter, there is nothing wrong with that.  However, do «take a chill pill» because you have to ask for things with respect.