Luis Font’s Books

“The Revolution of sales”

At present and in the era of industrialization digital marketing and sales, the evolution of the different ways to sell a dizzying change. This makes sense never has been so in the end renew or die so the subtitle of the book is “How to change the way you sell your company Agile Sales and Inbound Marketing”. This is the headline perfectly defines the purpose of it.

It was also the methodology Agile Sales was born seeing some fast and flexible business was able to grow really fast using new techniques and technologies and others constantly failed in their marketing and sales strategy. Agile Sales & amp; Marketing seeks to address in a more simple and effective new behaviors of consumers using all the resources that today we have within our reach: Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Social Selling, Technology Marketing Automation and CRM and the young science of neuro sales.

What is inbound marketing? It is the new way to get closer to our customers is a new mentality, we must ensure that they are the ones who are interested in our brand and not the reverse. Therefore, we must create compelling content that customers value our company and have us as a reference.

But besides creating content, there are other ways also to attract customers: the blog and social media, landing pages, videos, email marketing, SEO techniques… All these strategies are also part of Inbound Marketing. But it not only to know them, one must know also how to apply. What tool is best to do the blog? What often have to send emails not pushy? What is that SEO?

However, the book is not only in attraction marketing. For this work we must also apply the Agile methodology we have before named. This fosters an environment of adapting to change and the environment. You need teamwork and self-organization; and fast delivery of tasks. This will allow a high level of customer participation in all phases of project management.

“The Revolution of sales” is a book for directors and directors of marketing and sales for entrepreneurs, for those people looking to do things better and differently in enterprises. If you do not get the results you expect and believe that you can sell it in a different way this is your book.