I am very happy to see Zyncro Tech for a second consecutive year on Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace. We have been working hard for this and appreciate the recognition from the analysts. "Zyncro offers a comprehensive on-premises or cloud-based suite of capabilities that goes far beyond social collaboration to include support for document repositories, electronic forms, tasks, real-time collaboration, location awareness and sophisticated support for Web accessibility. Zyncro also offers customized solutions based on its technology, which have attracted some large customers looking for tailored sales support or recruitment applications." says the report. We will keep the hard work and aim at improving year after year. 

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Really happy with my brand new book! :-) Thanks ShaoLan & Chineasy Team you did an amazing job! If you want to learn Chinese in a different way you need to get this book: http://chineasy.org/...

Originally posted on Quartz: I find most “work-life balance” conversations challenging. For starters, there’s a distinctly gendered component to them—where women seem to be expected to worry more about balancing it all, and where “life” is code for domestic duties, rather than, you know, life in all its juicy,...

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