Agile Sales

Its main benefits are:

Fast results

In the first session already detected “Quick Wins” (quick wins) to start immediately.

Improved productivity of the sales team

The method makes changes in the way the team is organized and launches cloud software to improve and automate manual processes that can be automated.

Greater management control

Changes in the organization and software give the possibility to better measure and therefore better control the task of marketing and sales.

Agile Sales Methodology - Luis Font

The Agile Methodology

It promotes an environment adaptation, teamwork, self-organization and fast delivery that allows a high level of customer participation in all phases of project planning. Agile is also applicable to the process involving customer sales, working on “sprints”, defining milestones and deliverables. These methods combined with Lean techniques, Content / Inbound Marketing, Software Tools and Cloud Management Execution.

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Why Agile Sales?

Because the sales process has changed radically in the last 10 years and will continue to change constantly. If a time as buyers began their process in a fair, on a call or in a print ad, today they are in front of a browser and mainly Google. Buyers are informed where the general presentations and provide little that we really show our value and we will compare at least two other products.

We can no longer see the Marketing, Sales and Product separately, are so linked that any imbalance can make our sales suffer and not achieve their objectives.

Today the expertise of the seller remains important, but it must be reinforced by a flexible and tailored marketing, a product that unifies design and functionality and tools and metrics that give us valuable information to know what our potential customer wants.


In the following presentation you can see a summary of the methodology


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Among many other aspects of the methodology Agile Software Sales includes recommendations in the cloud (cloud) best suited for company who want lightweight processes “lean” in the following infographic showing an analysis of 5 Cloud CRM software.

“Forbes calls to Agile Management applied as the best kept secret”